Chrysalis vore game demo/no sound

An MLP themed vore game featuring Chrysalis as a giantess. Just a proof of concept but no sound.

Krystal Pov Vore

By CakeInferno.

Mlp vore

Who likes my little pony and vore? Well here it is combined! :D.

[sfm mlp eqg/pony pov vore] "my bday gift for cuteamena"

happy birthday cuteamena ^^ its my first animation that is +1 min in lenght :3.

[sfm mlp pony pov vore] sleeping with cuteamena

cuteamena is so friendly for tiny's that they even go in her stomach to sleep.

[sfm mlp pony pov vore] sweets finally got to eat a tiny

"why would a cute filly like here do such a horrible act? sigh prob because of rose" - female that-pony.

[sfm mlp pony pov vore] violet's second prey

now that violet knows how tiny's taste she's going to hunt them down.

[sfm mlp eqg pov vore] sweets and rose

after sweets found a tiny she didnt know what makes them so special so rose showed her what makes them special.

[sfm mlp pony pov vore?] Cuteamena: the playfull giantess

tiny's dont have to fear every giant pony ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- for the people who never saw ...

[sfm/unity mlp eqg pov vore feet]THPOgg:caught..... (DL in desc)

the second mini story "for the that-pony giantess game" is here!!! this time pinkie sci twi and rainbow dash caught a tiny off gaurd ...

[sfm mlp pony pov vore] a rough wake up

time to use diamond-tiara and silver-spoon.

Опубликовано: 10 Мар 2019

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